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Lahosa is set up to help and to service businesses into dealing with strategic change through online presence.  Because Organizational Change is expected in this global challenging business environment, it is important that your business is built to meet the changing environment that is both robust and sustainable.  A sustainable business is healthy and secure in that its social value includes the needs of the disadvantage groups of people.

Anna has indeed achieved her lifelong learning ambition and as a qualified specialist, she has spent the past 15 years of continuous learning and upskilling as well as self-improvement.  Anna is truly inspired to help improve the world and the global communities through social media that could make a difference.  Indeed, her passion is to positively influence the broader society by doing small things.  Although wanted to change the younger generations' behaviours and attitudes towards life especially the environment, her improved knowledge has changed her viewpoint about the need for change about the future business world. While sustainability development in the business environment is important, your business can be managed and delivered with substantial knowledge to effectively use in the challenging environment the world is facing.

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